Route of Revolutions

Three countries in the New World. The United States, Mexico, and Cuba. Three experiences of revolution. Three attempts to reach a radical change, a new future. Three ways to create a new society. But what these societies aimed to? Did they have success?

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I am a word in a foreign language … Whether the wilderness is real or not depends on who lives there. (Margaret Artwood, Further Arrivals, 1970). After a month in my new home, Canada, the adaptation to the land was easy in terms of everyday life and people. But, at some level, there are some […]

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Recomenzar a ser y cuidados de si

Esta es una aproximación a conceptos que relacionan la cuestión del sentirse “ser” o “sujeto” incluso en condiciones insólitas y traumáticas. Se trata de pensar el restablecimiento de vínculos sociales y re-actualizarían lo político a nivel macro y micro abriendo nuevos caminos de resocialización y experimentación humana, con fallos y aciertos.

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Self-care (f)or a beautiful life

In a conference a month ago, specifically in a talk from a panel about political philosophy where I listened to the presentation of a friend, one of the speakers conveyed some ideas about parrhesia, a concept that I ignored and began to explore not only because it was very useful to my research, but because […]

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Deserts of Real

“I say: the real is not on the departing or at the destination: realness itself is available to us in the middle of the path crossing.” (João Guimarães Rosa, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands) “Living is the art of meeting someone whereas there are so much miss encounters during life.” (Vinícius de Moraes, […]

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Silk Road

Part 1. The walls are trembling, the windows shake, there is no much space between your bed and the ceiling and the small metal cast of the room make strident noise every 20 seconds. It is not an earthquake or a building colapsing over your head. It is a regular sleep wagon in an overnight […]

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It´s been a while since I arrived to this new country. My eyes have seen different places and landscapes. Ruins and temples were among my favorite places. Narrow old streets in the coast of Pireaus remind the innocence of my childhood times; whereas street art, forgotten alleys and large avenues in downtown remind me of […]

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Speak Softly

Some time ago, just at the moment of leaving my twenties and starting my thirties, I discovered this poem by Adam Zagajewski. At that moment, I had the honor to start a new life in Athens, my new home. As the verses suggest, it was time to reborn and rescue something that age corrodes: the […]

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